No Amazon Talk Here…

I’ve decided it would be nice to have a post just about fun! Let’s not even mention that place – you know the one! That 40/50 hour a week place.

First up was a visit to Makers Mark with Steven & Linda. What an awesome day! There was a chill in the air, some clouds in the sky – but no rain. We can make that work!

Linda had been waiting, somewhat anxiously, for this tour. She and Steven had done it last year, and they enjoyed it, but this year there is Chihuly being displayed, so a return visit was a must!

At the end of the tour, which lands you at the gift shop (of course!) there is an option to dip your own bottle of Makers Mark in their signature red wax. We decided that I would dip two of the smaller bottles, with the special Christmas label, for the kids as gifts. I wanted the experience and it does make a nice gift. Linda was also dipping a bottle for her and Steven.

First we had to put in some protective gear.

All ready to dip!

I went first

Bill recorded it

He recorded Linda too!

Love how she ends with “ta da!”!

What a great day!

Since mine and Stevens birthdays were so close together, Linda thought it would be a great idea to have a combo birthday celebration – so we did! Linda & Steven, Tracy & Lee, and Bill & I gathered at our place for appy’s, drinks, and cake. Bill, of course, made Grandma Murray’s Carrot Cake, which is my favorite!

Next on the fun blog post agenda was Bill and I went to see Heaven Hill Distillery. Well – we didn’t take a tour, but we went to their visitor center and got our passports stamped. The visitor center was very nice, as was the gift shop.

Since we are so close to Louisville, a stop at our good friends, the Degnan’s, was in order. We’ve known the family a very long time, since our NJ days! It was a great evening of having a delicious turkey dinner and visiting.

It was great to see them and catch up on each other’s news.

Tracy had been wanting to make pot roast since they arrived in Campbellsville and we finally set a date! It was so yummy! She cooked it perfectly in her Instant Pot.

It was so tender it fell apart!

You may have noticed in the pics above that I have decorated for the holidays. We really don’t have any where to put a tree, so I hang garland with lights from the wood surrounding the slides and hang my favorite ornaments from it. I love the way it looks!

As I’m getting this ready to post, just want to mention that I (potentially obviously) have fallen behind, well more than I like to be anyway. I’ll be catching up soon! Thanks for being patient!

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16 thoughts on “No Amazon Talk Here…

  1. What a wonderful blog entry……..Merry Christmas to you both and welcome to Florida!

  2. Sounds like some fun times.
    Merry Christmas to you and Bill. May 2018 be a wonderful year. Happy New Year.

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